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Freachly: effective local advertising at your fingertips.

Generate new customers, increase awareness or revolutionise your image - we are your partner for all of your marketing needs. With our merchant app, your business can reach a huge audience.

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One App. 4 Features.

Generate awareness. Authentically and automated.

Influencer posts

Connect your business with local influencers to provide massive reach - and manage everything on our easy to use online platform

Social media account management

Create a professional social media presence to attract the maximum number of potential clients

Freachly360: cross-platform content management

Make your business look beautiful and professional on all relevant review platforms

Professional photo shoots

Let our team of professionals photograph your business at a fraction of the usual cost.

Europe’s largest network for local Influencer Marketing

Get access to 35.000 Influencers.

  • You get access to our vast network of influencers, ranging from micro-influencers through to international celebrities.
  • We guarantee influencer quality - everyone goes through an initial software analysis followed by a manual screening by one of our experts (which guarantees they are not a bot!).
  • You tailor the deals you offer based on the quality of the influencer’s following.
  • Influencers use their own brand and following to increase the awareness and desirability of your business meaning you get more customers through your doors!

You want to implement a targeted influencer campaign as well? No problem. Our campaign dashboards and analysis tools are unique and guarantee you maximum transparency and full control at all times.

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Manage social media accounts

For the perfect first impression

You only get one chance at a first impression - especially on social media. That's why an attractive profile on Instagram and other platforms is critical for your long-term success. It not only informs your customers, it inspires and excites them. Come to Freachly and we guarantee that the next first impression you make will be a positive one.

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Freachly 360:

Professional-quality influencer and social media content across all relevant platforms

Perhaps your Instagram appearance is top-notch, but there are some poorly-lit, weird-angled photos on your TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook or Google My Business pages? Use Freachly 360, and you get the professional-quality influencer and photographer content from our app circulated across all of the above platforms and more, to ensure that your brand image is constant wherever a customer looks you up.

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Access professional photographers

For attractive pictures for further use in advertising

Your location is unique and your products are irresistible - but you don't have any pictures to prove it? No problem. We offer a Europe-wide network of industry-specific expert photographers, on-call, to photograph your brand, products and services. The best part - the photo rights are completely yours which means you can use them wherever you want, as much as you want!

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Great local brands have already grown using Freachly.

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